Your Personal Best – Hydration

It is generally widely accepted that our bodies are approximately 60% water so it is important to stay hydrated, even more so in hot climates and when exercising.

Water is fantastic to help support our health and to help our bodies function optimally, it is also great to relieve that thirst sensation.

Water is not the only fluid that can help with hydration: some fruits, some sports drinks and some teas can also assist and count towards your daily water intake.

A simple guide for hydration for exercise:

  • Before you start aim for about 500ml of fluid around 30 to 60 minutes before you start
  • During exercise you should be aiming for 100 to 200mls of fluid every quarter of an hour. If exercising for an hour its 400- 800ml of fluid
  • After exercise again 100 to 200mls

Beware of sports drinks if your goal is weight or fat loss, a lot of sports drinks on the market have a high sugar content as they are designed for high intensity or endurance type training. If you are training for 60 mins and weight loss or fat loss is your goal, skip the sports drink and keep to water. If you are worried about electrolytes in a hot environment look for a low sugar option.

Struggling to remember to drink regularly?

If you find it hard to remember when to drink, download an app that reminds you, there are plenty on your favourite app store. You can set alarms and log your fluid intake daily. Alternatively grab a 2-litre water brand take a permanent marker and put times down the side of the bottle, complete by the afternoon. If your goals require you to have more than 2litres refill or have different beverages to hit your daily target. Speak to your trainer or coach about your daily water goals in relation to your overall training goal.

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