Your personal best – Starting Point

To reach your personal best it is important to know what this looks like for you as everyone is individual, i.e. what is your goal, what are you aiming for, weather you want more energy, to get in better shape or to support general health and wellbeing it is good to know what you are currently eating and drinking, you will need to understand where you are starting from.

How many portions per day of the below foods are in your current eating plan? Tracking over a week can give you a snapshot of what you eat and drink. You can spot any gaps or improvements you think you may want to make to move closer to your goal.

  1. Fruit & vegetables
  2. Breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, any other starchy foods
  3. Dairy liquids and solid foods
  4. Meat, fish, eggs, beans, any non-diary protein sources
  5. Foods high in fat
  6. Drinks and foods high in sugar

You can note down in a simple table chart, so it is easy to see what you are consuming. Once you have a week’s snapshot, look to see where any gaps are, or maybe you are not getting a balance of protein, healthy fats or, healthy carbohydrate.

Remember to reach our personal best we want to consume a high nutrient, low calorie eating plan supported by high nutrient low calorie supplementation.

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